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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Join us at the finish line on Sunday, November 9th as we provide funky ambiance for some of the 20 thousand runners at the Across The Bay 10k finishers party!  The Post-Race Party is open to runners, friends and family and it's located in front of PRS Guitars (one of the biggest and best guitar manufacturers in the country) in the Chesapeake Bay Business Park on Kent Island. Entertainment is sponsored by PRS and will feature special performances by the founder of PRS, The Paul Reed Smith Band (10:30am) and Fake Flowers Real Dirt (12pm).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


BOSLEY:  Named #1 on Baltimore Magazine's 2013 Hip List, Bosley's career accelerated after the release of his outstanding debut album Honey Pig. The Baltimore native's music channels eclectic influences from 40s swing to 60s R&B, to 80s Hip Hop. He and the self-anointed 'Beautiful Band' shell out hot, unique pop music and sweaty, high-energy live performances. And if you just can't get enough, the Charm City's underground soul sensation's turned it up a notch in his sophomore album titled, "The Dirty Dogs Radio Show" --an electrifying new album that will keep you on your toes. Dance parties welcomed. "The Motown-esque singer oozes soul... from the sound to the synchronized dance moves -- a modern spin on 60's cool." --Baltimore magazine “In the brief moments the evening felt like a tranquil Monday night at Bohemian Caverns. Bosley ditched his keyboard or guitar and hopped into the crowd all rhythm and frantic two-tone wingtips a-flying, just one cape shy of James Brown’s brand new bag and a pompadour short of Janelle Monae’s tightrope.” --Brightest Young Things

"It's especially hard for a white kid to pull off the soul frontman without seeming like a bad imitation of the Blues Brothers [...] Nevertheless, Bosley manages to make this tradition his own by looking backwards and forwards at the same time." -- Baltimore City Paper
FAKE FLOWERS REAL DIRT:  In the steamy basement of an otherwise unremarkable house in Baltimore, "Fake Flowers Real Dirt" forges their mix of genres from the funk/dope characteristic (e.g. funk, hip-hop): driving skank reggae moves to frenetic breakbeat/jungle, joined together with a series of quick jazz changes.  Simple melodic lines and hooks give way to solos, with space.

FFRD's efforts began when singer Billy D William marshaled the forces of an accomplished group of veterans from the DMV music scene.  Their goal is nothing less than sonic nirvana - obtained through the melding of diverse musical traditions into a form greater than the sum of its parts.

Atop the groundwork carefully, yet ruthlessly laid down by drummer Kevin Shuss and bassist / sound-man extraordinaire Ethan Montgomery, Billy D William sings skyward with gospel soul, singer Viki Nova adds delicious harmonies while increasing the band's class considerably, Dave Eynck invites listeners into his world with cerebral chord voicings and sound, turntablist GERM mashes and scratches (real) vinyl, Gene Chapman and Ernesto Ponce play searing and soaring sax lines - close your eyes and imagine Cannonball!!! - while Paul Haney and his trusty laptop go from buzzy synth, with attendant envelopes and filters, to your classic hammond B3. Brian Escavage provides percussion and extra drive to the deep rhythms - the icing on an already tasty cake!  The group embraces the style nouveau while never forgetting the trivial inequality: 10 seasoned players, still on their way 'round the block > 1 laptop.

FFRD transcends superlatives; their awesomeness is matched only by their modesty.  From the basement in a house in Baltimore, MD to your ears, "The flyest and the most, as real as non-fiction."

169 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401